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Lots of gold, perfect weapons, and 15-slot backpacks! Don't miss your chance to gear up and become a legend of the Last Territories!

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    season 8 strider's pass

      purchase information

      Regular Pass: you can claim all blocked rewards that the level of your Pass allows.

      Elite Pass: you can claim all blocked rewards that the level of your Pass allows.

      • Purchase also grants you an Interval weapon for one hour. This device has no durability limit and earns 3 times more Pass points.
      • The bundle also includes a unique appearance, the Forest Shaman's Mask, and access to the Elite Errands event.


      1. The purchase of a Regular Pass doesn't earn you a discount on the subsequent purchase of an Elite Pass.
      2. The purchase of a Regular Pass doesn't earn you extra rewards if you have bought an Elite Pass.
      3. Rewards for purchasing an Elite Pass can only be received once.
      4. Before making a purchase, you must update the game to the latest version.

      Make sure Season 8 has started in your game.

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                GOLD BARS


                  Can I purchase items for any platform?


                  Yes! You can purchase items for any version of the game, be it Android, iOS, or the AppGallery.

                  How do I make a purchase?


                  Sign in to your game account with your User ID. Select an item you like and pay for it in any convenient way for you. You'll receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

                  I can't access the Store. What should I do?


                  Review the instructions in the sign-in window. Make sure that you have the right game account ID. If you still cannot access the Store, send us a message at

                  How do I find my game ID?


                  Tap the Settings button in the upper-left corner of the screen in-game. Your game ID is specifically the numbers shown in the upper-right corner of the Settings screen.

                  Where can I find items I've purchased in the game?


                  Your purchased item is added to your Storage within a few minutes. If it doesn't appear, try relaunching the game.

                  I can't find an item I purchased in Storage. What should I do?


                  Wait a few minutes and relaunch the game. If you still don't see the item, send us an email at with your account ID, transaction number, and purchase confirmation email. We'll send you the item by all means!